Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

A couple times a week I work at the after school program and get to spend time with the Kindergartners. I have between 6 & 12 kids who show up. They are so much fun! After having a snack, the rest of the grades work on their homework but since the Kindergartners go to school all day they don't have any homework so I get to do a craft or activity with them. These are a few of the fun projects we've done lately. I love getting to spend time with these precious kids. Some of them just scribble away but some of them spend the time to make sure they do a good job. We have a great time and they think I'm the best. lol!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kindle Fire Cover

I put in my pre-order for the Kindle Fire as soon as it was announced. Ever since kindles first came into existence I wanted one but was waiting for a touch screen. (My previous pda spoiled me) It arrived yesterday and I immediately started reading my cousin's book which she published a week or so ago and I was waiting to read. I'd been planing on crocheting a cover for it so I did that this morning. I even added a little pocket to carry earphones. I picked up this yarn at Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago and decided to use it to try to discourage my husband from making off with it. Do you think it will work? lol!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Framed Hello Kitty

I discovered this on a link up party a couple months ago and couldn't resist making it.  As luck would have it I was headed to the big city that day and was able to add the free printable to my picture order and pick up a white frame at the dollar tree.  Somehow I managed to wait until today to hot glue the bow onto the frame (which is off a Christmas present from a year or two ago - hoarding comes in handy yet again!)  I love it!  Go here for your free download.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Give Thanks!

I ended up making 6 of these boards today.  My original plan was to make 12 but I ran out of brown paint. Each board is 10 1/2" long.  I borrowed the stencil from a friend who actually cuts her own stencils.  I discovered once again that I'm not a great stenciler but they turned out ok.  (I get impatient and use too much paint.)  Instead of centering the words I decided to put them slightly to one side so I could add a raffia bow.  I can't decide if I'm going to keep one for myself or give them all away.  Several people have done really nice things for me recently so I'm going to give these to them as a thank you gift and a Thanksgiving decoration.  Perfect!