Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{Whatever Wednesday} - 30 day challenge

My friend - the wii fit balance board (never mind the dirty feet prints!)
One of my concerns when I was pregnant is that my back would hurt.  Oddly enough, I made it all the way through without my back hurting one bit.  Now that I'm lugging around my 18 1/2 lb 4 month old my back hurts all the time.  I've done a bit of walking since I had the baby but haven't really "exercised".  Today I decided that I would do the yoga on the wii fit.  My baby takes lots of naps so during his morning nap I did all 30 minutes of yoga.  It's amazing how much better I felt afterwards.  Ever since I had him I feel like my body is a crumpled up piece of paper and that I can't even stand up straight.  I know doing yoga will really help my posture and will strengthen my back and help me be stronger to be able to carry around my baby easier.  I'm challenging myself to do yoga every day for the next 30 days.   Even though I'm down 30 lbs and 10" around my waist I still can't fit into my regular clothes and every day is a challenge to find something to wear.  I know that by doing yoga every morning and continuing to do our evening walks I will be more toned and be able to fit back into my cute clothes.  I'll let you know how it goes!

{Tutorial Tuesday} - 1/4" foot and finding discontinued supplies

This should've gone up yesterday but the day just snuck past me.  How can July be over already?  The plans I had for it.  Oh well.  I figure I only do about 5% of the ideas that swim around in my head.  I'll get better right?

So, I finally started sewing together my baby's quilt.  He's 4 1/2 months old now so it's about time.  Luckily, he got 3 other quilts when he was born so he's been fine so far.  I meant to sew this up while I was pregnant but never felt very well and then we were going to sew it while my mom was here when I had the baby but that didn't happen so now I'm finally working on sewing it together so I can take it to CA with me at the end of the month and my mom can help me quilt it.

Believe it or not this is actually my first time sewing a regular quilt together.  I've sewed lots of rag quilts together and even though I've worked on quilts before I always made my mom sew them together because I was afraid I would mess them up. haha!

If you have the same fear, one thing that helps is having a 1/4" foot.  It has a handy little guide to help you line up your blocks so that all  your stitching is even.  My blocks still don't line up perfectly but I'm sure it's better than if I just tried to follow the line on my sewing machine.

The other hint I wanted to share with you today is finding discontinued craft supplies.  I happened to pick this quilt kit up on sale over a year ago at a quilt shop in St. George, UT when we were driving through.  A couple months ago I finally started looking for a back for it and decided I wanted the same fabric used in the binding.  I checked the local quilt store (which is 50 miles away) but they didn't have it.  I looked online at the manufacturer's website but it was discontinued.  I also checked a couple online fabric stores that I've ordered from in the past but they were sold out as well.  I finally checked etsy and several sellers had exactly what I was looking for and at a good price.  Hurrah!  I was able to order what I needed and it arrived in just a few days.  Thank goodness for people selling their supplies online.  A couple times I've ran out of a color of crochet thread that is discontinued and have been able to find exactly the right shade on ebay.  So if you are ever needing more of a craft supply you run out of, be sure to check ebay and etsy and you might just find exactly what you need.