Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trade - Rosette Brooch for Bloomies

A couple weeks ago I traded this brooch I made

for this hairclip:

Isn't it so cute?!?  My friend in CA has this amazing business called Bloomies.  I secretly wish I was her next door neighbor and that we could craft together everyday.  We seem to have a lot in common.  Both of us move from one project to the next and can't wait to try out new things.  She frequently sells over her facebook page, has an etsy shop and also showcases her products in a shop in Newport Beach.

She also has a very talented mother who sews prolifically and is an amazing baker.

I was so delighted to receive the hariclip in my mailbox last Tues. on our way to Billings to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.  It went with what I was wearing so I immediately put it in my hair.  I received several compliments on it throughout the day.  Everyone needs their own Bloomies!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Elastic Headbands

I snapped this picture as I was packing up for the boutique on Saturday.  A couple of these sold but I still have some available.  I listed all the elastic headbands I currently have in stock in my artfire shop. 

Here is one of my happy customers from Saturday.  The headbands were the best sellers followed by flannel burp rags.  I'll post my remaining inventory of those soon.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucky Me!

Friday night as I was hand sewing yet another headband for my booth on Saturday I was thinking that I really needed to get a handy dandy needle threader like my mom has.  Usually I don't have much trouble with threading needles but in dim light and after re-threading my needle so many times a day I thought it would be convenient to have one.  As luck would have it the event that my craft booth was at on Saturday was also a garage sale and one of the booths near me had a needle threader for sale and it was only 50 cents.  I was thrilled to find it as I rummaged through her bins of treasures.  I put it together as soon as we got back to the house Sat. evening and it has proved most useful.

Another item that I've been wanting is a straw wreath but of course kept forgetting to look for one on the rare occasions I've been at a store that might happen to carry one.  I've long admired the ever popular yarn wreaths and have been wanting to make one.   I happened to see one on another table near mine and rushed over to claim it.  Once again it was on sale for just 50 cents.  I can't wait to decorate it.  I'll be sure to share pictures once I'm done with it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baseball Crayon Roll

I usually don’t craft on Sunday unless it’s for a gift and in this case it is a gift for a party we are going to in a couple of hours.  Luckily I’d already had this started.  It was all cut out and the crayon pockets were even marked.  I’d gotten that far with it when I sewed up several of these over the holidays for Christmas presents.  I didn’t know exactly who I was giving this for so I wasn’t sure how to decorate it so that’s why it’d been left unfinished.
When my sister in law came to my craft booth last month she said she wanted a crayon roll for her son so I said I’d make one for his birthday.  He’s really into sports so I put a baseball on it.  I’m never completely satisfied with how my sewing projects turn out but I guess it’ll do.  Even though my sewing machine has lots of fancy stitches I haven’t used many of them so I was happy with how the baseball decorative stitching turned out.
I had intended to make a couple of felt rolls for colored pencils and markers as well.  Since I finally finished up this crayon roll maybe I’ll eventually get to those projects as well.
I hope he likes it and that he’ll get a lot of use out of it (and that it will help keep him entertained in church!)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cowboy Country Craft Sale

My friend inspired me to crochet a hat in official Wyoming colors.  Thought it was a good idea since I have a craft booth in Cody next Sat.  If you are in the area stop by.  It's at the United Methodist Church at 1405 Beck St. from 8am - 4pm.  I even have a few new products I've been working on for it.