Monday, April 11, 2011

Get a grip!

 Last weekend I crocheted up all of these jar openers.  I ended up with a pretty big stack.  I'm going to give them away for Mother's Day gifts so if you one of the top 18 "moms" in my life there's a pretty good chance you'll be getting one of these.
This was my inspiration.  I was lucky enough to receive one of these in a family gift exchange at Christmas.  I'm not sure where they got the idea but I think it's genius.  If you'd like to make one here's how I did it:  The middle is shelf liner.  Look for it at your local 99 cent store.  Make sure it has a grid pattern like shown.  I found some at the Dollar Tree the other day that wouldn't work since it had a different mesh design.  I used an "e" crochet hook and some scrap Super Saver acrylic yarn I had leftover from other projects.  (If you have an "F" hook try that.  I couldn't locate mine and as you can see my squares are curling up at the edges so a bigger hook prob. would help.)  The sample here just has one crochet in the corner but I did 3.  Start in a corner and single crochet twice.  Single crochet in each space around, single crocheting three times in the next three corners.  Single crochet once more in the beginning corner and then finish off.  Pretty easy huh?  Oh, I should probably mention to cut the shelf liner in approx. 6" squares to begin with.  For just a buck you can make a lot of presents.  These didn't cost me anything since I already had the supplies on hand.  Enjoy!

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