Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{Whatever Wednesday} - Winter Crafts

Since I posted some of the Thanksgiving crafts we did at the after school program I thought I'd post a few of the fun projects we've done lately that are winter themed. (Today we actually did a Valentine's craft but I didn't end up with one so I'll have to post about that later.)

The name snowman I saw on pinterest. I traced a juice lid for the snowballs. The kids had fun writing their names and seeing how long they were in comparison to each other. I cut out the hat by hand and had the kids glue them together. The coloring page I found online somewhere. After I had colored it to my satisfaction one of the kids took over and finished it for me. :)

I saw this on pinterest as well. Traced a quarter for the eyes. (Should've brought a circle punch from home.) Just freehanded the rest. We really need to get some left handed scissors. Several of my little kindergartners are left handed and they just can't cut with the right handed scissors we have. The other kids are good about helping them out and atleast they can glue their projects together.

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