Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why the dishes aren't done...

1 x 8 board about 12" long
1 x 6 boards cut 11' long
I love this quote by President Eyring.  Shortly after I first heard it, a favorite blogger of mine did this amazing printable of it and I knew I wanted to make something with it.  Walgreens had an offer for a free 8 x 10 so I used gimp to put two 5 x 7s together and then added a stripe to the top and bottom to make the print the right size.  I used a couple of boards we had on hand and had my husband cut some 1 x 6 boards about 11" long for the rest.  For a long time I debated about how to adhere the picture to the board and then another favorite blogger suggested using wood glue to do a similar project.  (I didn't want to mess with using mod podge).  I tried it and it worked great.  Then I had the dilemma of adding some sort of decorative element.  I debated between ribbon or a rosette or a cabochon  but could never find anything that was a good enough match.  Finally I thought of raffia so I used that.  Is that too 90s?  I did a lot of tole painting projects in the 90s that involved raffia so maybe my obsession with raffia is leftover from that.  Whatever the case that's what I used.  I made 6 total and have been using them for birthday presents and plan on keeping one for myself.  If you see this post and then later get one from me please act surprised and happy that you got one!  The recipients so far have enjoyed them so hopefully they all won't end up in garage sales or at goodwill.  haha!

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