Thursday, January 23, 2014

Redneck Baby Present

I picked up this yarn a couple of month ago and after making a few dishcloths I started looking around for other things I could crochet out of cotton yarn.  My friend was expecting a boy so I made this set for her baby shower.  I made up the pattern for the hat.  The pacifier clip is inspired by this pattern and the teething rings are from this pattern.

I've made three sets now.  Two have been given away and I'm about to mail the third to a lucky recipient.  I have to say that the binky clips are the best.  I wish I would've had one with my oldest baby but am glad to have one with my new baby.  It's so nice to be able to wash it after a day or two of getting drooled on and they are essential to help keep that binky off the floor when they spit it out.  My baby enjoys playing with the teething rings as well.  And babies look ever so darling in hats but I'm pretty sure my friend's 11 lb baby was too big for it.  Oh well.

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