Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Heart Oversized Cross-Stitch

Lately, I've been seeing oversized cross stitch on tennis rackets, cane chairs, pegboard, etc... I wanted to try it out but didn't know what I could make It finally occured to me that I could use plastic canvas. Since Valentine's Day was coming up I decided to try a heart. Luckily for me I just started stitching and it turned out perfectly. I was thinking about trying to chart it, but if you look closely you can figure it out yourself. Initially, I was going to make a set of three different designs but I ended up making 5 hearts identical to this instead. haha. I gave them out to my Visiting Teaching Companion and the three sisters we visit for Valentine's Day. My goal was to deliver them on Feb. 1st so they could enjoy them for a few weeks but I ended up passing them out at church on Valentine's Day. I have such great intentions but with two toddlers I rarely see my plans come to fruition. Anyways, all you need is a 5x7 frame, a piece of plastic canvas, some scrap yarn and a yarn needed. I've been collecting frames at garage sales so I had a bunch to spare but had to paint them black. (that was my main hang up)

I have some ideas for some other cross stitch project so I'll tackle those as I find time and I'll work on posting more. I have been crafting from time to time even though formatting generally keeps me incredibly busy.

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