Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Framed Valetines

I have oodles of borders leftover from my days of working at Westrim Crafts. These came out of their scrapbooking kits back in the day. They were also sold separately. Not sure if you can still get them or not. I use them in all sorts of papercrafting projects but probably have enough to last a lifetime.

I had so much with my previous framing project that when I came across these fun Valentine postcards in the Feb./March 2005 issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Magazine that was mysteriously in my box of decorations I knew exactly what I needed to do with them. I looked in my box of frames but I didn't have 4 that matched to I headed off to the store and found 4 black wood frames that were absolutely perfect. I used some double stick tabs I had to attach the postcards to the middle of the paperbacking that came in the frames. Then I just made a matte around each postcard with the borders, tacking them down with the tabs. So easy!

Here are the finished products. I love how cute and colorful they are! They will brighten up my living room.

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