Monday, February 23, 2009

$1 Apron Tutorial

I found this piece of upholstery material at the Goodwill a couple weeks ago for $1 and thought it would make a great apron! It started out about 28" square.
First, I cut two 3" strips off one side to use for ties.

I folded the ties right side together and sewed one end and one side then used a pencil to turn them right side out. For the vintage apron I topstitched around the ties but didn't on this apron since the fabric is a lot stiffer I figured they would stay in place.

Then I cut a 6" strip off the other side of the fabric and turned the top & bottom over a 1/4" twice and topstitched along each edge to hold in place. After sewing across the pocket I pinned it in place and sewed along the bottom of the pocket. I also topstitched two lines down the pocket to turn it into three. After the pocket was in place I turned the bottom and sides over a 1/4" twice and sewed to finish it.

Finished apron. Can you see where I sewed across the pocket to make three?
Good thing I still had my walking foot on my sewing machine. It was a little tricky to navigate sewing through all the layers since this fabric was pretty thick.

Here's my self portrait in the mirror wearing my new apron. It's going to be so handy! It might end up as my gardening apron to hold my tools. I have lots of weeds to pull in the back yard and need to get started on them!

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  1. Stacey! Your aprons are super cool! :) I love the $1 gardening apron tutorial, too! I m going to have to share it on my blog :)

    Inky Smiles!