Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scaves by Stacey

Scarves are my signature item that I've made the most of. I starting crocheting them around 5 years ago. During the busy months I've crocheted while hanging out with friends watching movies and playing games. I've even been known to crochet scarves while walking around Disneyland and in movie theaters as well. I played around with a couple different designs but finally settled on one. I love this project because it uses an entire skein and I'm not left with anything extra to figure out what to do with. Everyone loves how soft they are. I've had many friends take the scarf basket to work and sell 20 or more in a day. I've even sold them right off me before. Over the past few years I've taught crochet classes and even sold scarf making kits. At my last couple craft shows I've mostly sold scarves which is funny since it was 97 degrees out both times. I guess if I can sell scarves when it's that hot it goes to show how good they are.

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