Friday, April 15, 2011

Dish Scrubbies

Once upon a time I had cut some tulle into strips to crochet but had never done it so finally yesterday I got around to it.  At first I made the granny squares but then I thought that the circles would be more useful so I did those.  Each variation has 3 rounds.  For the circles, I chained 3 and then joined to form a loop.  The first round is 12 double crochet.  For second & third rounds, double crochet twice in each dc of the previous round.  I chained 3 for the beginning dc in each round.  I used three strips of tulle for each scrubbie but had more leftover with the granny square variation.  It was a little weird to crochet with and I wouldn't recommend this for beginners but if you have some experience with crocheting give this a try.


  1. How wide did you cut your strips? These are cute!