Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Party Rosettes


This picture doesn’t do this justice, but when I went to my cousin’s pre wedding open house last week in ID they had this super cute garland leading up to the tent.  Even though I kept myself busy most of the night keeping the punch bowl full, pouring cups of punch and making sure there was one each of key lime pie, lemon meringue, coconut cream and banana cream on the table at all times I couldn’t resist swiping one of the strips of fabric towards the end of the event and twisting it up into a rosette.  We had been discussing crafts earlier so I showed it to a couple of my cousins.  Well, it was spotted by the bride’s brother and I quickly found out that the bride’s sister had gathered up some supplies to make some sort of flower for several of the nieces in the wedding party but a design hadn’t been settled on yet so I quickly went to work and sewed up 5 rosettes to be used in pictures on the wedding day.


There’s no better time for a rosette making tutorial with the bride to be and sister of the bride than in the middle of the pre wedding open house!  (My blood is still thin from living in AZ the last couple of years so I was dressed in many layers to keep warm in the outdoor tent.  There was a heater that helped though.)


The first four rosettes I made for the little girls and then I made one more for an older niece.


Here are three of the rosettes in action.  Can you spot them?


Better picture of the garland leading up to the reception in SLC the evening of the wedding.

I’m so glad I could help out and add to their special day.  I still can’t find a tutorial to explain how to make the rosettes like I do so I’m hoping to make a video to explain it soon.

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  1. stacey, i still am in debt to you! you are the greatest--thank you again so much! the girls looked so cute with their little rosette belts. you are so talented--i'm so glad i got the chance to know you!