Tuesday, May 17, 2011

99 cent workout tshirt

Yesterday, I grabbed plain, black tshirt to wear as a workout shirt before I headed out to use the treadmill.  The tshirt had a really high neck that was constricting and awkwardly long short sleeves.  I'd picked it up at the 99 cent store intending to spruce it up a bit but hadn't done anything yet.  I immediately cut off the neckline and the hems at the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves.  It felt better already but I didn't want these pieces to go to waste so I made them into rosettes as shown below:
The center flower is made from the hem of the tshirt.  The top two flowers are made from the hems from the sleeves and the bottom two flowers are made from the neckline.

 Closeup of the largest rosette.  I think the serging gives it some nice detail.
I hand sewed the three flowers from the hems of the tshirt and sleeves to the front of the tshirt as shown here.  I ended up cutting the neckline a little bit lower so it wouldn't be so constricting.

Sorry for the awful picture here but I made an inverted pleat on each sleeve and hand sewed a rosette in place made from the neckline.

I'm glad I finally took the time to redo this tshirt into something wearable.  It's going to be a great workout shirt.  Most tshirt refashions that I've seen combine two shirts so I really like this project that I used the scraps in new ways and only used one shirt.

I really miss having a 99 cent store close.

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