Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red, White & Blue Dishcloths

A good friend of mine has a birthday right around the 4th of July.  She is also due with twin boys who I made receiving blankets for here.  Since I had the gifts ready I decided to mail them over a month early.  I know that if I just let them sit around I would forget and then they'd be late.  I'm pretty sure I hadn't posted these dishrags yet so I thought I'd do that today.  They are so easy to make.  Just use cotton yarn and make a granny square keeping in mind that they will shrink a bit with repeated washing.  Makes me kind of sad that I'm completely out of cotton yarn.  But I have quite a few dishrags that I haven't gifted yet so I guess I don't need anymore right now.  Off to the post office!

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