Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Frozen Juice Canister Cozies

The inspiration for this project came from a niece who had been using a plastic frozen juice container for a pencil holder.  It had been previously decorated with paper but didn't match her newly redecorated room so she had removed the former decorative elements and it was waiting to be redone.
 I used her favorite color - Orange and crocheted this up similar to the soda can cozies I've made before.
 Of course I had to add a gigantic daisy to spruce it up.  I walked all the way over to her house in the heat to give it to her but they were gone so I messaged her on facebook to come over later and she did.
I had an extra juice container so I made one for her sister as well who just redecorated her room too.  They seemed pretty happy with them.

Great for back to school presents or teacher gifts.

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