Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Headbands

I've been asked several times recently if I've been busy making new products for my craft booth this weekend and the honest answer is "no".  I only signed up for one 6' table and I'm sure I could easily fill 4 tables that size.  I did, however, come across a couple of plain headbands last week buried in my pile of crafting supplies so I added some flowers to those.  {I love the Halloween one.}  I'll pack up my stuff tomorrow morning and if I have time Thurs. evening/Fri. morning I might make a couple of items (like winter headbands) to fill some gaps in product.  The baby items were a big hit before and I still have a bit of flannel so I might make some more burp cloths as well and see how they do.  I'm really looking forward to the craft fair this weekend and hope it's a great success for everyone involved!

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