Friday, July 6, 2012

{Favorite Things Friday} - Garage Sale Finds

I've never really been into going to garage sales but it's the big thing to do here in the summer time.  I guess because there's just a short span of time that you can even have garage sales here and the nearest thrift store is a half hour away so it's not always convenient to hit that up.  My neighbor had one last weekend and even though I'd planned on being one of the first ones there I ended up sleeping in so we didn't get over there till 10 but I still found some awesome stuff.

The first of my "must have" items was this game which was in perfect condition.  It was one of my favorites growing up.  My brothers and I played it all the time and I love it.  So glad to have my own copy now.

That's probably all that I would've bought but then they brought this beauty out and I snatched it up to the disappointment of everyone else who was there.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Just $5.  I'm thinking it would look amazing spray painted but knowing me it'll probably be like this for a while.  I'm so in love with it!  (Sorry the picture is wonky!  The chandelier kind of looks like Wall-E)

I also got this great tray that works perfectly for organizing my cabochon earrings I made recently.

These are the other treasures I got - a red bakelite bracelet, a plastic organizer, a glass frog and a white glass mini vase.  So cute!  Garage sales could def. be dangerous for me.  I better not go to very many of them.

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