Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{Tutorial Tuesday} - Crocheted Macbook Cover

I finished this up for my sister in law yesterday and love how it turned out.  She was at my craft booth a couple of weeks ago looking at my selection of tote bags and mentioned that she needed a bag for her macbook.  I suggested a crocheted cover and she liked the idea.  She likes sunflowers so I embellished it with those instead of my traditional daisies.  It was a fun project.

Worsted Weight Yarn
Size N Yarn Hook
Yarn Needle
Two Buttons

Use two strands of yarn throughout project.

1.  Loosely chain 31.
2.  Turn and hsc in second chain from hook and in each loop across (30 hsc).
3.  hsc 3 times in end of chain.
4. hsc in other side of chain across.
5.  hsc around and around until there are about 19 rows.
6.  to make the flap hsc across one side, ch2 and then turn and hsc back across.  (flap is about 8 rows)
7.  to make button holes chain 2, sc, chain 2 and then continue with hsc across
8.  Sew buttons in place
9.  (Optional) Crochet embellishment of your choice and sew in place.

If you'd like one for your laptop let me know!

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