Monday, July 30, 2012

{Money Saving Monday} - In Store Coupons

This is an example of what not to do!  A couple of weeks ago I went to Wal-Mart and saw that the Birthday Cake Oreos had a $1 off coupon attached.  I'd wanted to try them so I picked up a package.  Unfortunately, in the chaos of going through the checkout and making sure I used the couple of coupons that I'd brought with me I neglected to remove this coupon from the package and use it.  And since it blends right into the package the checker didn't notice it either.  haha!  So when I got home and put the groceries away, there was the coupon still on the package.  I've heard that you can bring the coupon and receipt to the store and they might credit you a $1 but since it's 100 miles roundtrip to the nearest Wal-Mart this isn't a feasible option for me.  So the lesson today is - If you give into temptation and buy an impulse item because it has a coupon attached make sure you actually use it when you go through the checkout!  (The Oreos were really good by the way.  If you haven't tried them yet I recommend them!)

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