Monday, July 20, 2009

Crocheting like Crazy!

The past couple of weeks I've been crocheting quite a bit. It all started with our trip at the beg. of the month. I wanted to take along a project to work on since I have to always be doing something and crocheting seemed like the perfect thing. I stuffed all my leftover cotton yarn in my carryon bag and worked on various items whenever I had a free moment.

Um. Well these I made when I got back home. They are actually two card cases I made from the leftover yarn from a sock project. The one on the left has a flap and is made with single crochet. The one on the right is open at the top and is single crocheted in the back loops only.
One of the greated bridal shower and wedding presents I received were handmade dishcloths. They are just so far superior to the ones you can buy at the store. I am constantly using them and am sure to do the laundry when I've gone through my supply so I don't have to use the regular ones. Here's a few I whipped up from some leftover yarn I had.

Here are some mini scrubbies. Supposedly you can use these as reusable cotton balls although I haven't tried that yet. I did use a blue one I made to scrub pototoes and that worked out great.

I ended up making several of these and gave them to Josh's mom and two sisters before we left town as Thank You gifts for everything they did for use during our visit. They can be used as face scrubbies or general household cleaning or scrubbing vegetables or whatever you can think of I guess.

This is the project I was most excited about but then I ran out of yarn for each one so I'll have to keep on the lookout for more. The problem is that most this yarn I bought quite a while ago so hopefully I'll be able to find some more. These are bath sponges. I'm curious to try them to see how well they work. Reading about them online some users complained that they were so thick that they never dried out. I'm sure that won't be a problem here though. When I hang up clothes to dry they are completely dry in an hour to two. I'll have to keep you posted.

So that's mostly everything. On our trip I ended up using up all the leftover bits and pieces I had but luckily back home I still had several large cones of thread so I still have a while to go before I completely run out. I'm sure most of these will end up as gifts. If you see something you like you may make a suggestion as to what you want. The funny thing is that I bought all this yarn ages ago to make dishcloths out of and yet I had never used any of them. A few I still had in the box and I know that I'd given several away. I could have been using them all these years and never did! I think what stopped me is that the pattern book I was using had you made 13" square cloths which take a long time and aren't very practical. When you are using a handmade dishcloth you can get away with a much smaller cloth and it works great because it is so thick that it really does make doing the dishes so much easier.
So now I know the trick is to make a smaller cloth in an easier pattern so they will be not only practical to make but to use as well.

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