Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Scrabble" Tile Necklaces

A while back I came across Scrabble Tile necklaces and thought they would be really cool to make. Once I gathered up the supplies they were pretty easy. I've worn the one necklace several times and really like it.
I made 12 charms but have only worn the one so far.
The charms plus all the stuff I used to make them. Even though I've picked up a couple Scrabble games at the local Goodwill I actually used wood pieces that I got from Michaels for this project. They are square and a bit bigger than scrabble tiles so they worked better for the flowers. I have tons of patterned paper so I will make some with actual scrabble tiles too. One set I got was an original and the pieces are yellowed with age. They are really cool.
Yeah I've spent countless hours cutting out those flowers. I usually glue one each to the back of envelopes when I make cards.

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