Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As far as crafting goes U.F.O.s stands for "Unfinished Objects" and if you are anything like me you have a lot of them. When I dug out my box of cotton yarn a couple of weeks ago here are two that I found. The pink one is at a stand still. I cannot locate the pattern I was using and it's a very complicated stitch that I can't figure out so it's on hold for a while. The brightly colored one was only 2 rows but I was able to determine which pattern I was using so I've worked on it here or there while Mr. T. and I unwind by watching DVDs in the evening. If I'd been in my right mind I would've ripped the whole thing out and started over. The dishcloth is ending up to big much bigger than I'd like but maybe the recipient will like it. The pattern is pretty interesting. You make 8 shells stitches and then the next row you do a cluster in between the shells to fill in the open spaces. Quite different. I'll keep going until it's square and then tie it off and try something else. I'm going to make a notation in the pattern book to only crochet 5 shells across so if I ever make it again it will end up a better size. I've thought about writing the date in my pattern books when I make a project. Does anyone else do that?
By the way, I loaded this picture several times and it kept loading on it's side. Finally I decided to open it in GIMP and add some text and then maybe blogger would load it correctly. Even when I opened it in the photo editing software it said, "According to the EXIF data, this image is rotated. Would you like GIMP to rotate it to the standard orientation?" What does that mean and how do I avoid that happening????

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