Thursday, February 25, 2010

BABY Blocks

I found these BABY stickers in a $1 bin at Michaels a few months back and had to have them. At first I was going to individually frame them in these adorable little white square frames that I saw at the Dollar Tree but I resisted spending more $ on the project. Finally I realized that they fit perfectly on the little white blocks I already had. I was going to sand the edges and seal the blocks first but due to time constraints I just attached the stickers directly onto the painted blocks. They are the perfect stickers - layered, glittered and have foam stickers on the back for added dimension. Of course I had to tie the whole thing up in a leftover pink ribbon from my wedding and voila! In just a couple of minutes I had a very cute baby shower decoration to display on my end table and since I've hosted 3 baby girl showers in the last year I'll pack these up with the rest of my baby decorations for the next baby shower I host.

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