Friday, September 24, 2010

Boutique on my Birthday

For many years now I've had a strict policy of not working on my birthday.  Usually I take the day off and spend it at Disneyland.  This year my birthday is on a Saturday so naturally you'd think I would have the day to do whatever I want which would of course include a weekend get away to CA.  Not this year though.  Back in May I participated in a really great boutique and have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of their Fall date for many months.  Wouldn't you know it that they picked my birthday to hold it on?  After a little debate I decided what better way to spend my birthday than to be surrounded by fellow crafters and interacting with craft enthusiasts.  I turned in my application and signed up.
Some great things about this boutique are the very talented people who have booths there, a central checkout where you can pay with your credit card, a gift bag to the first 50 people who attend the boutique and the great people who attend this unique venue.
So mark it on your calendar and plan to attend the Boutique in the Barn on Saturday October 23rd from 8am - 5pm.  Stop by my booth and whisper "Happy Birthday" to me and you'll be the one receiving a special gift from me!
See you then!

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