Thursday, September 2, 2010


It was very exciting back in June when I posted an item and it sold within a few minutes. Wouldn't it be nice if it was always that easy?
I'm determined to start listing on etsy again. My goal is one item a day. Heaven knows that could keep me busy for a couple of months since I have so many items on hand. I figure being persistent and consistent is the key.
I do have an etsy obsession. When I'm home during the day I sneak over to my computer once an hour and refresh the etsy home page to see the featured treasury. I'm constantly amazed at the vast array of talent. Some items I immediately covet, some downright scare me and others leave me feeling a bit perplexed but overall I'm left in awe at the beauty of it all.
My immediate plan is to list everything I've already made. Along the way I have a few patterns in mind that I'm working up writing instructions to that I'll post when I get them ready.
Eventually I'd also like to list vintage items but may end up setting up a different shop for that.
So that's the plan for now. Off to research better picture taking...


  1. Yes, I noticed you had another sale. I've yet to reach critical mass with either of my Etsy shops, but I've only just gotten back into them after taking a break. An item a day is a good formula, I think, and I look forward to seeing all your beautiful work on the site!

  2. Etsy is an addictive site! I did pretty well with it a few years ago, but after they changed their SEO my sales fizzled and I haven't really been making much. Listing daily is highly recommended. I also had a lot more exposure after I joined a local VA-based etsy team (we did a lot of group treasuries). Not that you asked, but my two cents: don't relist over and over - it just ends up costing you money, and the showcases are overrated ... you'll pay the fee and get the exposure but it doesn't always translate into sales.

    You make beautiful things and put your heart into all of it. I'm sure you'll be a great success! LMK if you have any questions: I'm a student of etsy and happy to share what I've learned.

  3. hey girlie! I've been reading and researching about Etsy as I get ready to jump into that world.. one of the most useful tips I've found so far is to list one item a day in the am and one in the pm.. which puts your shop up in the recent listings.. I'm hoping it will work for me when I finally get things listed!