Monday, March 28, 2011

Charmed I'm Sure

Around 20 years ago I got a charm bracelet and started collecting charms.  I'm pretty sure that my bracelet and first couple of charms were from Mervyns.  Many are from places I've traveled to.  My latest addition is Lady Liberty which I purchased when I visited the Statue of Liberty a couple weeks ago.  I attached her right next to The Empire State Building which I picked up 10 or so years ago on my first trip to the big apple.  Some of my very favorite charms are from James Avery.  Purchased those over the few years my family lived in Oklahoma.  Would love to get more of those but they are a bit pricey.  I was surprised to see that they still carry several of my favorite charms that I have.  I had a bunch of charms that weren't on my bracelet so I spent some time yesterday attaching them.  I now have 25 charms on my bracelet and still have a few more to add to it.  I only have two empty links and it's getting pretty heavy so I'm not sure if I should start down the other side or not.  I've collected a lot of different things over the years but my charm bracelet is def. one of my very favorites.  So many memories and kids love to look at it.

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