Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Kyra!

Since I "moved" to WY just a few days after my nieces b'day I had every intention of giving her a present.  I was pretty sure that I'd placed it in a drawer so that it would be easy to find.  When she was helping us unload the truck I even told her that I had a present for her.  Well, now it's been a few weeks and I still hadn't found it so I went to plan b.  The last two times I saw her she was wearing a silk flower hairclip that I gave her for Christmas 2009 so of course that won me over and I decided to give her another hair accessory.  This rosette was mostly sewn so all I had to do was add the clip and finish it off.  I couldn't find my premade origami boxes but I did know where my stack of 12 x 12 paper is so I made the box.  The "tag" is actually an old business card.  I added a brad to it and just ran my marker around the edge and wrote on it with my sharpie.  Walked over and delivered it lastnight and she loved it so now I won't have that weighing me down any longer. haha.  It actually felt great to make a present.  I really love doing that and with my craft supplies still half packed I haven't been working on anything lately and I really miss it.  Hopefully I'll be organized enough again soon to start crafting again and get back in the swing of things.

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