Thursday, March 24, 2011

"create" vinyl sign

Yet another project I did a couple months ago that I never included on the blog.  This sign matches the "simplify" sign that was previously posted.  One day I will get around to actually making new projects.  I did clear off the kitchen counter/island today and dug out the cutting matt and rotary cutter today.  I got a couple pieces of flannel cut and then my husband came home for lunch and then I ended up spending the afternoon at work with him so the fabric is still sitting on the counter and hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow.  Our laptops had been on the kitchen counter but I moved them into the office/craft room which is technically the formal front room but who needs one of those really.  Actually the room that's supposed to be the formal dining room has the formal front room furniture in it and even though I'm in that room now it's pretty much never used except when my mother in law has her visiting teachers meet her here so there you go.
I am pretty excited about a sign that we made today at work today.  My husband has been working for the last month in a wood shop and they have all these amazing machines that they can do so much with and they are actually going to make some things that I suggest so I think that's very cool.  I'll probably go over there tomorrow and work on some things and hopefully I'll have something to share tomorrow night.  I'm also going to be doing some office work for them including bookkeeping, website maintenance, running the facebook fan page, etc... so I'm looking forward to all of that.

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