Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{Tutorial Tuesday} - Blessing Blanket

I just finished up this afghan so I thought I'd post about it even though this won't be much of a tutorial.  I originally bought this yarn to crochet a blessing outfit but as I started the project several times over I was unsure that it was turning out the right size so I decided to wait until the baby made his arrival before I got too involved with that.  I thought a special blessing blanket would be nice so I started on that instead.  I used two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver and a size H crochet hook.  The blanket is about 32" square.  I didn't do any sort of border on it but still thinking about maybe adding one.

This is how much yarn I had leftover.  I'm so glad I was able to make it around and not run out of yarn half way through and have to rip some out.

Today was my due date but I guess the little guy isn't ready to come out yet.  Hope it will be soon though!

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