Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Whatever Wednesday} - The Waiting Game

So now I'm one day past my due date and everyone is anxious for the baby to make his appearance.  I'm fine if he wants to wait a few more days.  I was having consistent contractions on Monday afternoon and went to the hospital to get checked.  After a couple of hours things slowed down and I was sent home with this souvenir mug.  Haven't had many contractions since then except in the last few minutes.  Yikes!  Hope I can get some good sleep tonight.  I have to say this mug is pretty awesome and considering they want you to drink adequate amounts of liquid while you are pregnant they should give you one of these at your first appt.  I've been drinking much more water the last couple of days.  And it's great that it's 32 oz so technically if I drink two of these a day I'd be doing good.  And I've been drinking more than just 2.  At least I should be well hydrated when next I go to the hospital again.

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