Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{Whatever Wednesday} - the claw

Originally I bought this in AZ to pick up pieces of cactus that fell off the plant in the backyard since they were dangerous to pick up with your bare hand.  I retrieved it from the garage during my last month of pregnancy to help me pick things up when I dropped them or when I came across something that shouldn't have been on the floor.  The last couple of weeks it's been handy as I'm recovering from my c-section it's been painful to stoop down and pick things up off the ground.  I found it from Ross in a "as seen on tv" package.  I think they are marketed to elderly people but really are great for all sorts of projects like getting hard to reach trash out of the bushes which needs to be our next project now that the weather is warming up and we've been doing some work in the yard.

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