Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Curtain Time

I made curtains for the first time the other day. When I bought a new shower curtain for the hall bathroom. I bought two thinking I could use the other one to make curtains for the windows. It took me a while to get around to finishing the project but I think they turned out quite nice. I found the curtain rods at Ross for just $5 each which I thought was a pretty good price. Since this room gets so much sun the curtains are doubled to help keep out some of the blinding light and hopefully some of the scorching heat.

For the curtain over the sink I used the top of the shower curtain so the curtain rod could go through the grommets to hang it. I just trimmed it to the right length, doubled it over and sewed along the seam under the grommets to hold in place.

For the curtain in the shower room I used the bottom of the shower curtain and doubled it over and sewed across the bottom. I then sewed 2" & 4" from the top to make the casing for the curtain rod.

Here's a close up of the shower curtain. I got them at Target on Clearance with gift cards from the wedding. The curtain rod and hooks I found at Wal-Mart and I really do think they were cuter than anything at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond. I'm so much happier now when I go into this room. I love how everything matches.

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