Friday, April 24, 2009

Mother's Day Cards & Magnets

For many years my cousin gave me a Mary Engelbreit page a day calendar for Christmas. I loved looking at the new artwork each day but ofcourse couldn't bear to throw any of them away. Once my grandmother ripped off a page and used it for scrap paper and I was horrified! This is artwork not a mere piece of paper. As I ripped a page off I would just put it back in the box for safekeeping. Well a couple years ago I was going through my endless boxes of prized possessions and found many of these calendars. I started making cards and other projects with them. I haven't bought a card in years since the artwork covers every Holiday and gift giving occassion possible. I use them to decorate notepads and give sets of cards away for presents as well. I had tons of "mom" themed art so recently I made a collection of cards and magnets.
Close up of one of the cards. Each envelope is decorated with a flower.

Some magnets I made. They are "upcycled" using those pesky magnets you get on the front of your phone books. Many of them are for plumbers and since my husband is currently working as a plumber one day he took one of the magnets off the fridge and threw it away. I fished it out and told him I would cover up the advertisement one day and now I finally have made cute magnets out of all my plumber magnets that were on the fridge.

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