Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Giveaway!

I’ve been meaning to do a giveaway for a while now and obviously never have gotten around to it so here it goes…

There are five(5) ways to enter:

  1. Follow my blog and leave a comment. (or if you already follow leave a comment)
  2. Become a facebook fan and leave a comment. (or if you are already a fan leave a comment)
  3. Post a picture of a staceylyndesigns original that I’ve given you or that you have purchased from me (preferably with you in the picture as well) on my facebook page and leave a comment.
  4. Post a link to this on your facebook and leave a comment here.
  5. Post a link to this from your blog and leave a comment here.
Oh, and don't be worried if your comment doesn't show up right away. I guess I'm some sort of international sensation because I often get comments in other languages which I don't approve since I have no idea what they say.

And if you own several things that I've made you can take a picture of each one individually and each of them will count. Just post a comment about each one since the comments are the entries for the drawing.

Clear as mud? Oh, maybe I should tell you what the prize is…

DaisySmall Ta da! It’s a Double Daisy Brooch with leaves (yes I just came up with leaves a couple days ago and I’m so excited about them!) You can wear it on a shirt or jacket or pin it on a purse or tote bag or even attach it to a hat or headband. The possibilities are endless. I hope you will want one and play along. The flower is about 3” around and the leaves stick out about an inch further so the overall dimensions are approx. 3” tall x 4” wide.

And you have 10 days to enter. On the morning of the 23rd look to the east as the sun rises and I will use one of those cool number crunching things to reveal the lucky winner.

Thought this would be a great way to Welcome Spring in a big way!

Good Luck!