Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eco Friendly Clutter Free Mother’s Day Gift Idea

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t use dryer sheets with your micro-fiber towels or other delicate items that you launder on a regular basis. Also, that the use of dryer sheets can cause a film to form over your lint screen that could potentially catch fire and that they can leave chemicals on your clothes that some people are sensitive to. So, if you would like to discontinue the use of dryer sheets what’s an eco-friendly alternative? Wool dryer balls may be the solution you are searching for.

They are quite easy to make. Start with a skein of 100% wool yarn (be sure to read the label) IMG_4082

I found this at Michael’s for $5.99 a skein.


Start by winding the yarn around a couple of fingers…


and then take the yarn off your fingers and continue wrapping alternating directions often (I put my yarn in a can so it didn’t roll all over the place while I was working)


until it’s about the size of a tennis ball. (With one skein I was able to make 2 wool balls).


When you get to the end use a crochet hook to pull the end through to the middle so it won’t unravel.


To felt them I boiled them on the stove for a while.


Then I placed them up in a pair of nylons and ran them through the washer and dryer with my clothes a couple of times to felt them some more.

They work great and supposedly help your clothes dry faster too which could decrease your electric bill.


Before & After shot

I’m excited about never having to buy dryer sheets ever again.


I'm giving away a bunch of them for Mother's Day & some upcoming birthdays.

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