Monday, May 3, 2010

rag quilt tote bags

I absolutely adore making rag quilts. I've made lots and lots of them over the last couple of years. The are great because they are so forgiving. You don't have to be perfect to have them look good. Saturday at the Boutique in the Barn one booth was selling the cutest rag quilt bags. They were quite the steal. Customers snatched them up so fast. I really wanted one but couldn't decide which one I liked best and then they were gone... I wish I knew if they had a website so I could link to it because they were super cute and very well made.
Well, I couldn't stop thinking about them and then lastnight I remembered that my mom had given me some leftover squares from a rag quilt she made for herself and also some odd strips of flannel leftover from anothe rag quilt that I think we gave away.
From these random leftover 10" squares...
I made this giant butterfly bag for my mom.
From these 7 strips of leftover flannel...

I made this awesome bag that I can't wait to start carrying.
Of course now comes the time consuming part of sniping the edges to make them fray. I figure I can work on that later watching a movie or something. Right now I'm still in sewing mode and have leftovers from another quilt calling to me so I think I'll make another bag!

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