Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{Whatever Wednesday} - Handmade for the Holidays

I've been wrapping up handmade presents like crazy all week and I thought I'd better take pictures of a few of them before they head out the door. My goal was to have everything in the mail on Monday. haha! With getting sick again over the weekend and not feeling good this week I haven't got nearly as much accomplished as I'd counted on. I've managed to mail a couple of packages but not many. Tomorrow I'm determined to finish up and get the remaining packages and Christmas cards in the mail.

Just wanted to post pictures of some of the items I've been mailing out. I've made over a dozen of the snap bags in the top photos. (Most of them variations of the ones shown since I've been using my mom's leftover quilt squares to make them). Still have a few more of those to make. Also, made lots of sets of marble mazes. I hope they are a hit with all the kids I'm sending them to. Usually I have a better handle on presents but I guess I've procrastinated a bit too much this year. Once I get all the presents send off in the mail I have a few more presents to finish up for some local family members. After all the Christmas gift giving is done I'll take a bit of a break and then start on all the baby items on my list to make. My to do list grows longer by the day!

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