Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Whatever Wednesday} - Whirlwind Yellowstone Trip

A couple weeks ago we went to Yellowstone for the day.  It sounds so funny to say that.  Growing up, we took lots of vacations to Yellowstone but would always stay about a week and spend a day in each area of the park exploring it as much as possible.  Now since I only live 100 miles from the East Entrance it's possible to visit in a day and see quite a bit actually.  We left at 6 am and didn't return till 10pm that night.  My 2 month old was a trooper and was really good all day long.  We did the lower loop stopping at Fishing Bridge, West Thumb, Old Faithful, Paint Pots, Mud Pots, Upper & Lower Falls as well as several other places along the way.  The highlight of the day was probably seeing 2 bears.  A black bear crossed the road right in front of us on our way to West Thumb and my husband had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting it and then we saw a grizzly bear on the way out of the park.  Even though it was a whirlwind trip it was a lot of fun and I hope we'll get to visit again soon and spend more time there.  I have so many fond memories camping there when I was young and look forward to making lots more memories there with my family.

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