Monday, June 25, 2012

{Money Saving Monday} - Always check your receipt!

So a Family Dollar opened in the next town over last Thursday and it was quite the stir.  People were lined up in the parking lot before they opened and some of the really good sale items sold out in just minutes.  I didn't make it until right before noon but was pleased with the selection and think it will be handy to pick things up there as I need them.  They were running a special of $5 off a $25 purchase so I decided to blow $20 and get a few things.  Among my items were a couple of camp chairs since we don't own any and needed them for the upcoming town parade.  I also got some candy and a few little things to get the total to $25.  When I checked out somehow it didn't add up as I anticipated and I thought maybe I'd done the math wrong in my head but as I walked out the door and was examining my receipt I noticed that only one chair rang up at the sale price and the candy didn't ring up on sale either.  The price difference was $5 and so since the line had dried up, I turned around and went back in and asked for an adjustment.  Of course, this being the first day they were opened no one in the store knew how to help me and I ended up standing there for at least 10 minutes and finally had to explain to them how to do it.  They didn't completely follow my suggestion so their inventory will be off but in the end I was credited the right amount.  Such a pain not to have things ring up at the right price.  I hate it when that happens.  A couple weeks ago I splurged and got a gallon of chocolate milk since it was on sale but then when I got home I noticed that it rang up at full price.  Not cool when this happens.  Remember when you used to get the item free when you were charged the wrong price and then they would make sure it was corrected in the system so no one else would be overcharged?  I think I'll be more diligent about checking my receipt from now on.

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