Monday, June 18, 2012

{Money Saving Monday} - veryjane

One of my favorite daily deal sites is veryjane.  They specialize in handmade crafts, crafting supplies and other items craft lovers might be interested in.  Almost every day I'm tempted by one of their offers.  I've bought a few of their deals since I've signed up to receive their emails and follow them on facebook.  Every so often they offer a "free" pair of earrings (you just have to pay shipping).  This was the first deal I ordered.  I got these adorable pink cabochon earrings which I wear all the time.  Later, they offered supplies to make your own cabochon jewelry so I snatched that deal up as well but as you can see I haven't assembled the jewelry yet.  One of the many items on my never ending craft to do list.  If you love daily deal sites and you love crafts I recommend signing up to follow veryjane to get some of the best deals around and things you are sure to love.

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