Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Whatever Wednesday} - Now appearing at flip!

Saturday, when I walked to the post office to get the mail I noticed that the hair salon was having a "garage sale" in the back of their shop so I went around to the back of the building to check it out.  I found a couple of things that I was interested in but didn't have any cash on me so I couldn't get anything.  Yesterday, when I went to check the mail I popped in the shop and asked if the sale stuff was still out and if I could get something and she said it was, so I picked up a flannel sheet and told her that I was going to make baby blankets and burp cloths out of it for a present.  She noticed that I had some handmade stuff on the stroller and pointed out that half of her shop is a gift shop and that I was welcome to put some of my stuff for sale there.  So today I took over a basket of all the headbands that I have in stock.  It's harder for me to go to shows now that I have a baby in tow although he's been a champ and slept through the two shows I've done so far this year.  I have a lot of product in stock so I'm happy to have somewhere to display it.  I've always wanted to sell my items on commission in a store and feel lucky that this fell into place so easily.  She wants me to bring more stuff as well.  I ordered new business cards today to make it easier to label everything.  The headbands are in a basket on the counter so I hope they will sell well.  If you are in the area, stop by flip next to the Cowley Post Office to check it out.

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