Friday, February 3, 2012

{Favorite Things Friday} - Texas Roadhouse

{I started writing this post last Friday but didn't get it finished and posted. We actually went to Billings last Thurs. Josh's aunt that was visiting from AZ needed a ride to the airport and since we hadn't been to Billings since the Sat. after Thanksgiving we happily volunteered to take her.}

Since we usually only make it to Billings every month or two we usually treat ourselves to dinner when we go. Texas Roadhouse is where we normally end up. We can't get enough of their rolls and their "early bird" special can't be beat. Since we try to head to Billings as early in the morning as we can we are ready for dinner by the time they open at 4pm. Josh loves to get the chicken fried steak. I opted for the chicken tenders this time. So much food I couldn't eat it all.

I had to take a picture of Josh's steak since it was in the shape of a heart.

My leftovers which I thoroughly enjoyed the next day.

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