Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{Tutorial Tuesday} - Burlap Wreath


Ever since I made the burlap lampshade I've been wanting to do make a wreath to match.
A couple of weeks ago I finally make one.

I had this wreath on hand from the Dollar Tree and it worked out just fine.

I started out with a yard of burlap and cut it into 3" strips.

First, I wrapped a couple of strips around the wreath to cover it and hot glued it in place as I went.

With the remaining strips I cut them in half lengthwise with a pair of scissors and then began folding them into rosettes and gluing them in place.  In order to get them evenly spaced around the wreath I first glued one on the top and bottom and on each side and then I filled in the gaps.

I ended up using 16 rosettes which worked out great because it used up practically all the fabric I had.

 I glued a pop tab on the back to use as a hook.

ta da!  finished and on the wall.  love it!

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  1. Such a cute wreath! I love your idea for the tab on the back too. That makes it really easy to hang up!