Monday, February 13, 2012

{Money Saving Monday} - Cell Phones from Costco

As far as I can tell the best place to get a cell phone is costco. I finally realized this a couple of years ago and unless someone can convince me otherwise I'll probably never get a cell phone anywhere else. I'm really old fashioned and only use my phone as a cell phone. Crazy I know but I think it's ridiculous to pay for all the fancy features you can use your cell phone for when I'm hardly every away from home or my laptop. If my lifestyle was different maybe it would be worth it but when you live in a small town and hardly ever go anywhere the expense isn't justifiable. Oddly enough when I got my very first cell phone nearly 11 years ago I went with AT&T because they had FREE internet on their phones. Can you imagine? It was great. Even though the screen was tiny it was useful to look things up. I mainly used it for looking up movie times but I was living in L.A. then and life was much different than it is now. I was sorely disappointed when they figured out they could start charging big bucks for cell phone internet access and discontinued it being free. Anyhow, enough rambling. A couple of reasons why I think costco is a great place to get a cell phone is that they don't charge you the $35 activation fee that most places would and they include a accessory pack with their phones that includes a car charger, cell phone case and ear piece. Granted they aren't fancy but are handy to have. Another plus is that you don't have to deal with trying to redeem any sort of rebate. You just get a great deal on the phone right then. Our new phones were $20 each and they are great. If you are up for a new phone no matter who your carrier is I would recommend checking out the deals at costco and see how they compare to your local retailer. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised at what they have to offer.

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