Monday, February 20, 2012

{Money Saving Monday} - Exercise Balls

Computer chairs + carpet = broken casters.

My attempt at a "MacGyver" fix didn't quite do the trick.
(never mind the dirty floor - it's been cleaned since this picture was taken)

Solution - Exercise Balls

Our computer chairs just weren't working out.  The back had been broken off mine for quite some time and even though I could manage to put it back on, it kept falling off.  Then the casters started breaking off and I knew it was time to find another solution.  I researched chairs online for a while but knew they would eventually just break again.  I've been curious about using exercise balls as chairs for quite some time so I asked Josh what he thought about it and he said he would try it.  I looked around online a bit but decided that we might as well just buy some at Wal-Mart so we found a day to make a trip and picked up these exercise balls for a mere $17 each - much cheaper than chairs would've been.  Josh loves his and mine has worked out well though I've just used it a few times at my sewing table.  They are comfortable to sit on, encourage good posture and will come in handy helping me through labor as well.  They do lose air so you do have to pump them up from time to time but I think they are a great, cost effective alternative to traditional chairs.  We're thinking about getting another one for Josh to use at work as well.

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