Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{Whatever Wednesday} - Happy Leap Year Day!

Across the blogosphere I saw a lot of cute ideas for celebrating leap year.  Most of the ideas centered around frogs.  I decided to use one of the ideas for the Kindergarten after school program today.  We made paper plate frogs.  Sadly, I didn't take any pictures but what we did was color a paper plate green, use paper punches for a big white eyeball and then a smaller punch for a pupil, trace and cut out our hands out of green construction paper and glue them to the back for feet.  The picture I saw stopped there but one of the children wanted a mouth so I cut strips of red paper and curled them and we glued those on for tongues.  Another one of the children suggested adding flies to the tongues which would've been fun but we ran out of time.  I love doing fun activities like this with the kids.  Even though it's a bit hectic, they absolutely love it so it makes all the work worth it.

On another note, several people were really hoping I would really have this baby today but it looks like it's not going to happen.  I think it would've been cool to have a leap year baby but could see that there could be some drawbacks.  I got several adorable little frog outfits at my baby shower.  Several people commented that they normally don't see  baby clothes with frogs on them.  Maybe it's a leap year thing. I dunno. I just can't wait to dress up the baby in them!

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